2048 Game NFT’s and their Benefits

First ever Profit-Sharing NFT

2048 Game

NFT is now a common factor and it is not just limited to the Crypto fraternity it is everywhere. GameInfinity spices up the NFT and adds some interesting factors with giving you one more reason to buy some NFT.

GameInfinity’s gaming NFT is elements from the same game that are being hosted on the Web3 games. The holders of these Gaming NFT’s get rewarded every time the respective game is played.

2048 is one of the Web3 Games on GameInfinity NFT’s and there are NFT elements of the game.

These NFT’s are basically positions like 2, 4, 8,16, 32,64,128…2048, are minted cards that are limited and will be initially distributed over an NFT Presale.

Benefits of Holding 2048 NFT

Get Ready for the NFT Presale, but you need to Whitelist for this and more other benefits


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