Celebrating The Tetris Movie With Web3 Mode Launch

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2 min readMar 2, 2023


Play Tetris On Web3 and earn crypto

GameInfintiy is Celebrating Tetris movie by launching Tetris gamei on web3, play to earn mode.
Watch Tetris Movie With GameInfinity

The magical trailer of Tetris has already wooed us with its remarkable presentation. The iconic line in the trailer, “It’s the perfect game” is rightly said. StarringTaron Egerton, this movie trailer is a rollercoaster ride of passion, drama, and persistence should be the perfect words to define the movie, releasing on Apple TV+ on 15 mar.

‘Alexey Pajitnov’ created Tetris while working for the Soviet Union. It took him 12 years to gain the gaming rights of his invention. Tetris movie is all about this extraordinary sequence of events.

The fun of playing Tetris is equally intriguing as the game’s backstory.

GameInfinty is celebrating this news by launching the Tetris game on web3 and in free mode. Give it a try https://gameinfinity.io/singleplayer/tetris/

Experience the spectacular Tetris game on a Web3 Gaming platform. The movie and GameInfinity, both are going to create history together. It is the first time players will play Tetris and earn money.

Let’s join hands together and welcome the new era of gaming with the same old and everyone’s favorite Tetris game.

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