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GameInfinity Web3 Gaming
2 min readMay 4, 2023
90s Games on Web3 (

90s game lovers are the best, they have invested a lot of time playing & sticking to their favourite games, not switching to other games too fast, and that is why we have so many old-school games that we still love to play.

To uphold the tradition, GameInfinity, a Web3 gaming platform, brings your favourite old-school games on blockchain to let you rejoice in the 90s memories with play-to-earn and play-to-fun concepts.

You can play popular old games like Tetris, Hextris, Bubble Shoot, 2048, etc., on GameInfinity and earn exciting rewards in the form of cryptocurrency i.e. GAMEIN, the platform’s native token.

NOTE: A Crypto wallet is mandatory to play games on Web3 gaming platforms. Before entering the new-age gaming arena, it is suggested to understand all the technicalities of wallets, blockchain networks, cryptocurrencies, etc., for a smooth gaming experience.

To play, games on GameInfinity, Follow these easy steps:

  • Create a crypto(Metamask/Trust) wallet
  • Login/Register on the GameInfinity platform
  • Enter the Games tab on the Menu bar
  • Select the game (Free or with token) and play

GameInfinity Is Unique

GameInfinity Web3 gaming platform is different from its peers because of its interesting gameplay. It is a fact that most of the Web3 games are boring and that’s why with time people lose interest in these games even after getting good monetary benefits. Gameinfinity’s simple interface is another reason that the platform is getting good response in the market, the platform’s metrics are easy to understand, the games are entertaining, and the monetary benefits are satisfactory.


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GameInfinity Web3 Gaming

GameInfinity is a web3 gaming platform offering play-to-earn games and in-game NFTs. Powered by $GAMEIN.