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2 min readFeb 16, 2023

The new version is here

Play to earn, Play to fun is the New initiative by Gameinfinity to help user get started with Web3 gaming
Play to Earn, Play to Fun ( )

We’ve launched V 2.0.1, which offers a free version where users can now play/try our web3 games without the need of using tokens, NFT, or logging in. We’re doing this to bring exposure to our idea of building traditional gaming into standard play-to-earn, web3 games.

The new version will also reward users for the game time, the more you play the more you earn — Play To Earn

There will be increased user accessibility and added new games for a better user experience — Play to fun

We have all heard about Web 3 gaming but most of us haven’t tried playing it. The trending world of AI, Blockchains, Cryptos, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web 3.0, has steadily taken over.

This version of GameInfinity is built to let users get comfortable with Web3 gaming and understand it is the same fun as normal gaming.


  • Play Games on any device and browser without connecting a wallet
  • Earn free $GAMEIN tokens when you play tokens
  • Track and store your scores separately.
  • Connect the wallet to Play with the token.
  • Added New Games
  • Increased User accessibility

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GameInfinity Web3 Gaming

GameInfinity is a web3 gaming platform offering play-to-earn games and in-game NFTs. Powered by $GAMEIN.