Introducing our first Game: 2048. Play and Win GAMEIN token

Play 2048 and win GAMEIN Token

Hello GameInfinity Community, we’re happy to introduce our first-ever game made for you. The Game is Integrated with GAMEIN token and uses GAMEIN as a game fee and winners reward too!

It's 2048! Yes, it may look very normal to you but trust us, this game is a real stress buster and fun booster.

While you focus on arranging the controls to sum up to 2048, the game gets more interesting when you compete with your friends to go beyond this.

You must have played it or not, If yes let's try it one more time!

How do i play the game in GameInfinity?

To start playing any game in GameInfinity you need to connect wallet and log in/Register

Step 1 : Connect wallet → Login / Register

Step 2: Go to the “ Games “ page and choose the game ( 2048 )

Step 3 : Click Play Now!

Step 4 : Play Game and Set a high Score

  • Remember: To Enter into the 2048 game you must pay 10 GAMEIN Tokens
  • You can check your score in Scoreboard Page -> My Score
  • The Winner of the day will be announced at 12:00 UTC

If You Win

  • If You win the game (2048), you will be rewarded with 85% of the total token involved in the game that day.
  • 10% will be sent to your Promoter
  • 5% will be reserved with the team

We Invite all the community members to take a look at the game and enjoy the Blockchain gaming experience.

We will also launch other games as per the roadmap and more features on the map are still be revealed.

If your wish to Join the GameInfinity Bounty program and earn some GAMEIN token visit here:


GameInfinity Blockchain Gaming

Website | Twitter | Reddit | Telegram




GameInfinity is a Web3 Gaming and NFT Metaverse. Play to Earn Games, and NFT Marketplace, All Powered by $GAMEIN Token.

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GameInfinity Web3 & NFT

GameInfinity Web3 & NFT

GameInfinity is a Web3 Gaming and NFT Metaverse. Play to Earn Games, and NFT Marketplace, All Powered by $GAMEIN Token.

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