Join us In This Journey Of Web3 Gaming

Join us In This Journey Of Web3 Gaming: Article by Game Infinity web3 gaming

Web3 Gaming or Blockchain Gaming is an upgrade to traditional gaming practice, but very much intact with the development of the crypto and the NFT industry.

While we see, the web3 gaming craze is growing as they represent 60% of blockchain activity today. Web3 games potentially make use of in-game NFTs and crypto assets that are included in the game elements and rewards.

Native cryptos of active web3 gaming projects are performing well and the next trend after NFT will be seen as NFT.

Recently Web3 gaming witnessed an inflow of $201 million in funds in July, recording the highest compared to NFT, Defi, and Infrastructure projects.

Game Infinity is glad to be a part of this revolutionary blockchain-based model and is getting for the future of gaming on web3.

Create your Game Infinity Profile and be part of this category Reserve your investment with a $GAMEIN token presale and be ready for the Big Web3 trend to come.

Web3 Gaming Project Performace so far

  1. Monkey League (MBS): MBS the token monkey league web3 esports gaming platform surged more than 2500% rising from $0.1 to $2.8 within a week after the launch, due to the extreme market condition the token is trading below $0.1.
  2. Axie Infinity (AXS): AXS the native token of Axie Infinity is one of the highest performing asset of 2021 rising from the July 2021 low of $3.6 to its new ATH of $166 in November 2021 rising 4200%.
  3. GALA games (GALA): GALA is an ERC 20-based utility token used in the Gala games ecosystem. The GALA token has plunged almost 92% from its all-time-high of $0.84, but from the day of launch, the token price ($0.02) is more than 220%trading around $0.05 up currently.
  4. Enjin (ENJ): ENJ the token used on the Enjin gaming platform is another top-performing asset of blockchain gaming the token to the north from $0.12 in January 2021 and reached a high of $4.8 in November almost a 3600% hike.


The Trend of web3 gaming will set a market trend in the upcoming years, according to the forecast report the global P2E Blockchain games market will reach 2985 million by 2028 with a growing CAGR of 21%. As compared to the above price data the gaming token has given Extremely good returns to the early investors even though the Blockchain gaming market is in its early stage.

Be an early bird of this emerging trend by joining Game Infinity’s GAMEIN token presale, as we are on the mission to build a key platform for web3 gaming with 10+ games months including their NFTs and many earning opportunities.



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