Whitelist your address with GameInfinity

Access to complete GameInfinity Services and Rewards

Web3 Gaming Whitelist program

Hello Community! 🤩

We’re excited to announce the Whitelisting program of GameInfinity ( GAMEIN token ).

All the registered members are hereby guided to Whitelist their address to enjoy completed services and rewards on the GameInfinity site.

Whitelisting features 🎉

How to Whitelist our address on GameInfinity?

Visit website -> Go to Login or Register -> Connect Wallet -> pay $5 in BNB -> Success .


— It Costs $5 to Whitelist address for a lifetime validity ( with the current features)

2. If I have already registered and had the account, I still have to Whitelist

— Yes, all the new and old users have to Whitelist the account

3. Should I use the same address for Presale or Other operations?

— Yes, you must use the same address for rewards.

It's so grateful to see such an amazing response so far, We urge you to empower the community with good returns and a simplified gaming experience.

Whitelist Now!


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