Gameinfinity suppor the new Squid game show by Netflix that has created a hype recently.
Gameinfintiy Promotes Squid game (

GameInfinity launches its first game inegrated with GAMEIN token. Players can use the token as entry fee and get 85% of total match tokens on winning.
Play 2048 and win GAMEIN Token

Learn how to Join GameInfinity blockchain gaming platform and win 100 gamein tokens.
How to Join gameInfinity (

REMEMBER : You will need to use your Browser of Metamask or TrustWallet or any BEP20 Supporting wallet To Connect Wallet and use platform.

GameInfinity Bounty program ( )

GameInfinity labs research presents a detailed article on Gaming is Useful for your personal growth. The platform is loaded with Blockchain games integrated with GAMEIN token
GameInfinity : gaming Benefits ( )

Gameinfinty Gaming Universe

GameInfinity Blockchain Gaming

GameInfinity is a Blockchain Gaming Platform and gaming NFT marketplace loaded with Play-to-earn game powered by GAMEIN token.

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