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UAW stands for Unique Active Wallets, an Indicator commonly used in the blockchain space to represent the users using the wallets actively to browse web3 dApps like swap, games, marketplaces, metaverse, websites ..etc. UAW count helps measure the timely usage of wallets of a particular dApp and rank accordingly.

How is UAW measured?

The tracking of the Unique Active Wallets for each decentralized application (dapp) is based on the number of transactions and the volume of those transactions. The number of transactions to or from a smart contract can be tracked since the blockchain keeps track of them in real time. This data doesn’t always mean the same for each dapp.

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Unique Active Wallets is an indicator used to track the performance of any Dapp by tracking the volume of active users.



Xternity, a provider of web3 gaming infrastructure, has gotten $4.5 million in investment. In accordance with the funding round, the firm also debuted the open beta version of its platform.

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